There is nothing as captivating as having a lush, green, and well-trimmed lawn. If you wish to have a lawn that is envied by everyone in your neighbourhood, then you would have to ensure that you provide your lawn with the best care and maintenance.

Caring for your lawn comes with a thrilling feeling, you have anticipated this moment, and now, the grass under your feet is subjected to your control. By learning the best way to care for your lawn, you can fulfill that dream of beautiful and thick turf. Below are some lawn tips which, when implemented, would help you achieve a greener and healthier looking lawn.

1. Do Not Compact

Compacted grass has restricted growth, and the result of this is bare patches during summer and a muddy lawn in the winter. Rather than compacting, aerate the soil by thrusting a garden fork about 10cm deep and making a rocking movement with the fork while holding its handle. The prongs create spaces in the soil, which makes breathing easier. The spaces in the soil incite the growth of grass on your lawn.

2. Edging

With a pair of long-handled shears, carefully trim the edges of your lawn, and prevent the growth of grass into borders. Doing this gives your garden a beautiful appearance. In areas where the lawn has outgrown its border, reshape it and make a shallow ‘moat’ with the aid of a spade or a half-moon edger. In areas like that, you could also consider installing new borders to keep the grass in check.

3. Feed The Grass

If your home has a big lawn, consider purchasing a wheeled lawn feeder for a quick and precise job. On days that it would rain ( you can know this via weather forecast), apply fertilizer to the grass so that the rain would wash it down to the roots and prevent it from causing harm to the blades of the leaves. After carrying this out, your grass should flourish in the space of a week.

4. Watering

Here lies one of the essential requirements for a lush lawn. Always ensure that you water your lawns, especially young ones. During hot periods, leave a hose or a lawn sprinkler on for several hours in the evening. You also need to water mature lawns during long hot weather.

For a house with a big lawn, supplemental water in the form of irrigation is a good option. This will ensure that your lawn is provided with adequate water to stay healthy and green.

5. Mowing

Your lawn should be left longer during summer. Maintaining a lawn of around 5-10cm will make it less susceptible to drought. Shady lawns will benefit as well because it makes them less susceptible to bare patches and moss.

Ensure that you cut your lawn at least once each week in the summer and once every fortnight during spring, autumn including warm winters. Trimming your lawn frequently comes with some benefits, it makes the root spread, and this helps cover gaps and keep weeds out.