The summer in full swing, your lawn’s beauty and health are about to be put to the test by the summer heat. However, your efforts at keeping your grass green and lush will yield great results on your home’s overall curb appeal. So, the question is: how do you keep your grass green during the summer months?

Coming out of spring, you may feel like you are ahead of the game and that you may not have much to do. The consistent rain of spring has left your lawn look great as if it is having the best time. Meanwhile, the scenario is about to change as the summer months will not provide your lawn with close to as much moisture. To keep your grass green and lush now, you unavoidably must take necessary steps.

Here are 5 tips to help keep your grass healthy, thick and green during the summer months:

1. Install an Irrigation System

Grass needs an adequate supply of water to look great. We already know we can’t rely on Mother Nature during the summer months, so it is up to you to provide that much needed water for your lawn. Installing an irrigation system will provide consistent watering while limiting the time and effort you need to put into watering. It’s a win, win for you and your lawn.

2. Infrequent Deep Watering

With or without an irrigation system, you should avoid shallow or small daily watering sessions, and instead opt into providing an adequate amount of water to your lawn once and twice a week. This will allow for the water to penetrate deep into the soil and help strengthen the roots of your lawn. On the same note, try to avoid overwatering your lawn. If you notice puddles forming, chances are the ground is saturated and the excess water is of no benefit to your lawn, as it will just evaporate or be run off.

3. Mow High

Double check the height setting of your lawnmower to avoid mowing your lawn too low. Setting your mower blades high will help to not expose your roots and prevent scorching from the sun. Mow high to keep your grass roots safe and protected from the hot sun.

4. Water At Dawn

The perfect time to water your grass is around 5 am. Without an irrigation system, it sounds a bit mad to wake up at that time to water your lawn, but with a system you can set it to water your grass while the weather is still cool, preventing water evaporation.

5. Fertilize

It is recommended to fertilize your lawn at six weeks intervals. Contact professional landscaping
contractors for help regarding the suitable fertilizer and quantity to use on your grass. This will
ensure that your grass has access to the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and lush.

Following the above tips won’t guarantee that you have a lush green lawn all summer long, but ignoring them will definitely leave your lawn underwatered, damaged, and yellowing. What view would you rather your friends and neighbours have as they approach your home?