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Turf Rain Irrigation specializes in sprinkler spring startup in Oakville. Our highly trained and experienced technician will do a full check-up to your irrigation system.

As the spring comes, irrigation needs increase and therefore, it’s the best time to have your spring start-up check for your irrigation system. Trained professionals at Turf Rain have the experience and expertise to advise you on water efficiency and optional irrigation system performance.

Once you schedule your appointment for a spring start-up check, one of our professional service experts from Oakville will contact you and will try to understand your needs and requirements. Our team will schedule an inspection and will ensure that water is safely reintroduced into your irrigation system. Our trained technician will assess your existing system and suggest recommendations to improve irrigation efficiency.

We will start with checking your irrigation lines by turning on the main water supply to its full capacity. We will assess for overspray and will make necessary adjustments. Then, we will check for leak detection and will refresh your irrigation system while checking for corrosion. This will allow us to see the functionality of the irrigation system and whether it requires an upgrade. We will check your control panel, programming and will change the battery back-up.

We have a team of qualified expert technicians who have worked on 100s of different types of irrigation controllers. Our technician will check each of your stations for optimal electrical connection between the controller and electronic values and will optimize the irrigation system. While turning on each station the technician will make adjustments to sprinkler heads to maximize their efficiency.

Next, we will check the irrigation valve box to see if it is working properly. Finally, hewe will check for a full-function system test, including the rain sensor system. we will program the controller according to the weather conditions and average water usage needs.


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