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Turf Rain specializes in irrigation system installation and management to residential and commerical properties, and golf sites.

  •  Residential Irrigation System

    We design residential irrigation systems customized to meet the irrigation needs of our customers. Once you book your appointment, one of our specialists will visit you and will take measurements of your area. Then our team of Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) will design the layout and specific plan for your irrigation needs. Our focus is to provide our customers with the highest quality ​materials and service.

    Did you now that by using the latest irrigation technology you can save up to 65% of water? Once our team finalizes the design of the irrigation system, it is formally presented to our client for approval. Our Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC) go through each layout plan and customize it as per your needs.

    At this stage, the customer can make adjustments and enhancements to the original plan and after the customer has approved the plan and accepted the quotation we pass the project to our construction department. The construction team will coordinate with you and will schedule a convenient time for the installation of the irrigation system. Our Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC) go through each layout plan and customize it as per your needs.

    On the installation day, our team of experts will ensure a smooth installation. We use the latest installation technology and equipment. We have strict quality control standards and our trained team of professionals do all the necessary tests to ensure that you get the best service. After the project is completed our team will walk you through the new system and will guide you on how to operate it. We also offer after-sales services and are there to help you if your system is not working properly.

  • Commercial Irrigation System

    Turf Rain are experts in commercial irrigation systems and serving the irrigation needs of Oakville and surrounding areas since 1994. Our team comprises of trained professionals and we adhere to strict construction schedules.

    We ensure that our projects are in compliance with drawings and expectations. While designing your project we involve the most established landscaping companies to get their input and to deliver the highest quality irrigation system customized to meet your requirements.

    We also cater to design building services for our commercial customers and our irrigation professionals design and install the highest quality and affordable irrigation system. We do not compromise on construction standards and use proper trenching equipment to ensure a quality installation.

  • Golf Sites Irrigation System

    Rain Turf has worked on several golf course irrigation systems. We have experienced irrigation professionals trained to provide our customers with full irrigation design installations from pump stations to central control and after sales consultation services. We have a team of in-house Certified Irrigation Design (CID) specialists who will have sit-in with you and will discuss your golf course irrigation requirements.

    Once you have deicide your plan they will provide with a project proposal based on water restriction, watering needs, water quality, pumping requirements and budget. We believe in delivering the most efficient, highest quality irrigation system within your budget. Once the design is approved our installation professionals will discuss with you the installation schedule that fits your needs. We have the latest trenching equipment and our installation staff is trained on highest industry standards.


    We offer each of our potential clients with a free estimate so that we can better understand your goals and discuss your options with you.




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