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Turf Rain Irrigation specializes in water management in Oakville. We install the most efficient management system to help in the efficient utilization of water.

Turf Rain offers a complete water management system for irrigation projects. With the help of our latest Rain Bird IQ Central Control System, you can remotely manage your irrigation systems. This helps in the efficient utilization of water.

Rain Bird IQ has built-in feature which ensures that irrigation systems shut off in the event of a mainline breakdown or a broken sprinkler. Bird IQ system is a great investment as it pays off in water savings in just a few years.


Lack of regular maintenance of your irrigation system, maturing landscape or damage from lawn or snow removal equipment can decrease the efficiency of your irrigation system. Your landscape may be getting too much water in some places and too little in others. Our certified professional technicians are experts are assessing such irrigation problems and ensuring that your site gets maximum irrigation efficiency. Our typical site assessment results in a 30-70% decrease in water consumption.

To maximize the output of your irrigation system we suggest that you book an appointment with our trained technicians. During the site assessment they will:

  • Assess the landscape and work on design and engineering to suggest correct run times for each area
  • Conduct a performance test on the sprinklers to ensure adequate pressure, corrosion, pooling and other such issues which could lead to damage to tree and plant roots
  • Examine your equipment and will assess for damaged or worn out components and recommend repairs or replacement of those parts
  • Fine-tune the irrigation schedule and regulate the controller

After a thorough assessment, our technicians will make a comprehensive report giving details of adjustments made and recommendations for repairs and replacements.


Turf Rain has been serving the irrigation needs of the Greater Toronto Area since 1994 and is proud to be an active member of the Canadian Irrigation Association. We have a team of professional irrigation design consultants with a wide range of hands-on experience in designing residential and commercial irrigation projects.

At Turf Rain we understand that landscape development is a substantial investment and our irrigation consultants are trained to design and install an irrigation system that would not only protect your landscape but will enhance it’s curb appeal and value. Our trained experts will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your irrigation needs and will then design your irrigation project. Our main focus is on providing irrigation systems with water efficiency and optimal performance without compromising on quality parts.

Our trained professionals are experts at both residential and commercial irrigation systems. We work with both established landscaping companies and commercial customers for the design, installation, and maintenance of high-quality irrigation systems. We offer year-round services for varied irrigation needs for each season. We also have a support department for site inspection, system upgrades, renovation, service, and replacement projects.

We can convert your manual irrigation systems to fully automated irrigation sprinkler systems. We carry all major brands of equipment for residential, commercial, industrial and golf courses. We are also an approved Rain Bird satellite golf irrigation contractor and are able to provide drip irrigation using Netafim™, Aquapore™ Geoflow, and Leaky Pipe™ systems.


We offer each of our potential clients with a free estimate so that we can better understand your goals and discuss your options with you.




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