A Sprinkler irrigation system supplies rain-like sprinkling of water to grass and crops. The water is distributed evenly by being pumped through a series of pipes and sprayed into the air by sprinkler heads, allowing the water to fall onto the grass or crops similar to natural rainfall.

There are many advantages to having a sprinkler irrigation system installed including:

1. Monetary Benefits

Because the irrigation system is electronically controlled, you can set what time the sprinklers go on and for how long. This saves you money versus manually watering your grass or garden as you can set the system to use the appropriate amount of water, eliminating overwatering. On top of saving on your water bill, a well-maintained lawn with an in-ground irrigation system will increase your property value by 15%-20%.

2. Aesthetic Benefits

Your neighbours will all be envious of your beautiful, healthy, green lawn. An automatic sprinkler system can be set to run on a schedule, ensuring your lawn and garden are watered properly. This means that even if you are out of town or just too busy your lawn gets the moisture needed to remain healthy. Another aesthetic benefit is that your sprinkler system will rarely be seen. The optimal time to water your lawn is early in the morning, your system will be set to run before you or your neighbours are out and about.

3. Convenience

No more lugging around your hose and old sprinkler or hose gun to manually water your grass. The system takes care of ensuring your lawn and garden are watered on a regular basis and that all areas of your landscaping are watered evenly. No need to worry about overwatering some areas and completely missing other sections of your lawn. Not to mention your system will run no matter if you are home or not. Planning a summer getaway does not mean returning to a yellow lawn anymore.

4. Health and Environmental Benefits

A well-watered healthy lawn will absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses and will produce clean oxygen for us to breathe. A healthy lawn will reduce runoff and erosion as the root system holds soil in its place. As well irrigation systems have been shown to conserve water versus manually watering of the landscape as you eliminate overwatering. There are moisture sensor systems that can be installed with your system to prevent watering during or after a rainfall, further conserving water.

There are many advantages of a sprinkler irrigation system including financial savings, maintaining a beautifully watered landscape, and even health and environmental benefits. The only thing left for you to decide, is what will you do with the time you used to spend manually watering your lawn and garden?