Did you know that preparing your lawn for winter is a vital step for achieving the best summer grass? Well, even though the temperatures drop and the soil appears to be frozen, underneath it, the grassroots continue to grow. This is why you have to feed the soil a lot of nutrients. Of course, there are some simple steps you can follow to prepare your lawn for winter.

You can clean the area, you can switch off your lawn sprinklers, or you can trim the trees to prevent additional leaves from falling. Read on to discover how to prepare your lawn for winter with an easy 5 step guide.

1. Keep Your Lawn Clean

When the warm season ends, trees start to shed their leaves, while many seasonal plants die. So, the first thing you need to do is clear that debris that might suffocate your lawn. Clearing dead leaves can prevent disease if left on your lawn. Also, you can use this debris and transform it into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden. And don’t forget to disable your lawn sprinklers to prevent any damage to the irrigation system due to water freezing.

2. Manage Moss and Clear the Soil

Depending on how the sun falls on your lawn, you might experience areas with less sun and a lot of moss. As soon as the season starts to change, make sure you clear those zones and attempt reseeding. Keep in mind that moss occurs only if the soil lacks nutrients, so it might be a good idea to fertilize the area, too.

3. Remove Weeds

It is always best to remove any weeds before the winter season comes. Make sure you remove even the roots to prevent weeds from growing back.

4. Aerate and Fertilize Your Lawn

If you want to have an amazing yard in summer, all you have to do is aerate and fertilize your soil before the frost comes upon it. Aerating your lawn will offer it a chance to breathe before the grass goes dormant. After this step, it is essential to fertilize all your lawn to provide the grass seeds the necessary nutrients to survive winter months.

5. Spread a Sandy Soil Mix Over Your Lawn

Another great tip about how to prepare your lawn for winter is to use the aeration holes and fill them with a dressing. This will protect both the soil and grass seeds underneath, which in turn will result in a healthy and vibrant grass at the beginning of spring.

Anyway, besides these five simple steps to prepare your lawn for winter, it is always best to avoid too much lawn traffic. When the soil is frosted, walking on it can decrease the strength of the grass and even make the soil less nutritious. Also, make sure your lawn sprinklers are off, as any leaking water source can impact the health of your soil. Taking care of your yard before winter sets in will assure you will get the best grass when spring comes!